Meet Greg

This is my first blog here on the Ephemerisle site, and I’m using it to introduce myself to the community. My name is Greg Gioia, and I am the event planner  who has been entrusted with the responsibility of creating the first ever Ephemerisle.

This is no small task. As such, I’m working hands on with the Seasteading team to create what we are all confident will be a great mixture of politics, community, and art– all of which will take place in the Sacramento River Delta, October 2-4.

Watch this site. I’ll try to update daily, or as events warrant. In addition to keeping you up-to-date with how Ephemerisle is shaping up, I will be sharing information with you that ought to be of interest to potential Ephemerisle attendees and seasteading enthusiasts alike.

In my next post I’ll tell you when and where you can go for some free expert boat-building classes, as well as where you can store your Ephemerisle structure until October rolls around.

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