Boat Building 101

Since taking on the task of creating Ephemerisle I must have explained the nature of the event to at least 200 individuals, and nearly everyone has had the same response: “I would love to attend, but not only do I not know how to build a boat, even if I did, I could not afford to do so.” Well, they probably don’t use such formal grammar in responding, but that’s the gist of it nearly every time.

This became a great concern to me, almost as important as such things as creating a floating platform, seeking Coast Guard approval, or insuring the event. After much thought, and calling in favors here and there in the local community, I think I’ve come up with a solution: free boat building classes.

If you can make it to NIMBY in East Oakland, TSI is hosting free boat-building workshops in August and September. Boat-builder extraordinaire and prudent mariner Chicken John will be on-site, so bring your plan for a ship, as well as any materials and parts you may have, but most of all bring a can-do attitude. After all, anyone can build a boat, and whether you want to create a duct tape and cardboard canoe, or recreate Neuschwanstein Castle on a floating platform, if you can dream it we’ll teach you how to build it. One caveat: while Chicken and I will be there to guide you, we aren’t going to hold your hand. Come prepared to get your hands dirty.

The dates are tentatively set to be August 8th and 15th, and September 5th, 12th, and 19th. I will provide confirmed dates in a future post. Meanwhile, in my next post I’ll tell you how tomorrow’s visit to the Delta goes, for Patri, Chicken, and I are heading out there to scout and finalize Ephemerisle’s precise location.


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