At dusk, a boat drops anchor. It is followed by another, and another, and another. By nightfall, a motley collection of boats, rafts and other vessels have clustered together. The conversations move from boat to boat, ideas flowing back and forth. There is music and dancing, there is celebration, but most importantly, there is revolution.

Welcome to Ephemerisle, a temporary floating festival of politics, law and freedom. Come to learn, to share, to experiment with what is possible. The best political system in the world hasn’t been invented yet, the wisest laws are still unwritten; we cannot wait for someone somewhere else to lead the way.

Freedom can start with talk, with an idea, but we will not achieve it through conversation alone. We cannot begin to understand what we are pursuing until we taste it, and we cannot begin to taste freedom without making spaces that are free. It will not happen overnight, but it will happen, and Ephemerisle is where it will begin.

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