Water Camping on the Cheap

I have returned from my whirlwind 9-day, 7-state road trip, during which time I met more excited potential Ephemerislers than I can count. Many of them may well be reading this blog right now, so hello new friends. I hope to see you on the Sacramento River Delta come October!

In addition to driving more than 3000 miles through 117 degree heat in a 1957 Chrysler without air-conditioning in an attempt to find new friends for you to meet on the water, I’ve been doing some research for all of you. This is in response to what is the second-most common question people ask me after I describe Ephemerisle to them, right after “how do I build my own boat?” The question in question is “how do I camp on the water if I don’t have/won’t build/can’t rent a boat?”

The answer is: inflatables!

This boat fits four for boating, but could easily sleep two:


This is a similar boat size-wise, but a bit sturdier:

Better Four-Seater

How about spending a night on this baby? This one is an Ephemerisle of your very own. It is designed for up to eight people, but for sleeping would be ideal for perhaps only four:

Your Own Private Island

Here is a link to a company that makes nothing but inflatable campsites. Of course, they call them rafts, but we seasteaders know better than to close our minds to the true potential of any water-based structure:

Purveyor of Water-Based Campsites

This is just the tip of the iceberg, people. There are myriad options available in sporting goods stores, online, and probably on your local Craig’s List. Please feel free to chime in with comments if you find anything especially suitable, and affordable, for camping on the water.


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